Imagine yourself transported to the Finca San Blas in Requena, Valencia. Where the geographic location and micro-climate give us the chance to obtain a refined wine. Rainy autumns and warm springs encourage blossoming of the vines whilst sunny summers and variant temperatures between day and night, lead to a slow maturing process




Along the gentle sloping hillsides and valleys, the estate has a total of 75 Hectares in vineyards. In order to obtain the best conditions for each grape variety, locations were selected based on acclimatization and harmony.


The vineyards have a trellis cultivation of 2800-3500 per hectare and a large leaf area which permits optimum maturity.


The vineyards of this variety stretch over 35 Hectares. The grapes mature early, giving a well-rounded and low-acidic wine accentuated by its fruit and spice, with flavors of berries, caramel character.

Cabernet Sauvignon

The vineyards of this variety represents approximately 12% of the total Finca San Blas. The main characteristics of this grape are intense color and thick skins which produce tasty dark wines with gooseberry, tobacco and chocolate undertones. It is late Maturing with balanced acidity and aged gracefully in Oak.


Occupying 12% of the total area of the Finca San Blas. Less tannic than the Cabernet it gives a sweeter wine with earlier ripening with overtones of plums and gooseberry.


Represents about 5% of the total area occupied by vineyards on our farm. A robust indigenous variety of the area which dark bodied slowly ageing wines. Flavoured with raspberry and strawberry.


Represents about 6% of the total area occupied by vineyards on our farm. Dark full-bodied wine which ages well, which can also be consumed without maturity. Contains hints of raspberry, leather and spices. These are wines of good sugar concentration and balanced acidity.


In 2006 2 hectares of this variety were planted. This is a white wine variety with body and sophistication. It has a golden hue and attractive gloss. With a suggestion of aromas of flower and fruits, bananas and pineapple. Responds well to barrel ageing.